I was asked to make a tutorial for this poster, and it’s very simple and it will only take you a few minutes. The hardest part was finding a good picture to work with. I had to crop this picture. Which is 570x416, so of course it will look very blurry and pixlated.

1. Go to filter-> Gaussian Blur (settings 0,8) and do this twice. Then sharpen it 3-5 times. It will now look like this:

To get the yellow coloring, simply add a gradient map like this:

Also add more contrast with levels or curves:

Now it should look like this:

3. To paint the tiger, create a new layer. Use the brush tool and paint it. Remember to set the new layer as multiply:

4. Now you should add textures. Set to SOFT-LIGHT and/or SCREEN.
I can’t remember which textures I used in the original. But here’s the ones I used when re-creating it:

By rosebein:

By slayground:

Now it should look like this:

5. At last I merged the layers, sharpened it. Added a bit more contrast and took away some of the saturation:

I’m no good at explaining things, I just do things and forget about it. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


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