Life is awesome.

  • I got an internship at Drommesuiten, the only independent editing company in Norway.

  • School is still great. We are shooting on 16mm in two weeks. The film idea is very simple, but I think it will turn out pretty good if we do it the right way.
  • I’ve found someone I’m really starting to like.
  • Me and my sister won a safari trip to Africa, we are either going to South Africa or Kenya. In late June/start of July.
  • 365 movies is really amazing. I’m so glad i’m going this. I get to watch all movies that’s been on my list for ages.
  • Rewatching Lost season three
  • Watching interviews of Lost cast
  • Short: I’m having a great time.

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  1. romanovasledger said: Oh, wow! Congratulations! You deserve it.
  2. killmotion said: Yay, congrats!
  3. treatyoself said: That’s so amazing; congrats on the internship! :3
  4. lilybaeum said: Congratulations! You’re life sounds so fabulous right now :D
  5. hariboo said: Congrats on the intership and yay for life being awesome!
  6. wishmemonsters said: Awesome :D congrats!!§
  7. nudibranching said: congratulations, all of that sounds amazing! :)
  8. cornualles said: congratulations! :3
  9. wakefulness said: Aww congrats, I’m happy for you :D
  10. justaboat said: omg congrats on everything :3
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