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Loras and Pod having a smoke before GoT screening at Comic Con!

Loras and Pod having a smoke before GoT screening at Comic Con!


Stark siblings through the seasons.

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Game of Thrones Characters sorted into Hogwarts Houses

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Jaqen said to say the words too. Arya crossed her arms against her chest. “Valar morghulis,” she said, as loud as if she’d known what it meant.

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The Hound watched her saddle Craven through eyes bright with fever. Not once did he attempt to rise and stop her. But when she mounted, he said, “A real wolf would finish a wounded animal.” Maybe some real wolves will find you, Arya thought. Maybe they’ll smell you when the sun goes down. Then he would learn what wolves did to dogs. “You shouldn’t have hit me with an axe,” she said. “You should have saved my mother.” She turned her horse and rode away from him, and never looked back once.

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In this week’s finale episode, the Stark children get the spotlight, too. Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) officially becomes Littlefinger’s (Aidan Gillen) partner in crime."

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I’ve got a needle of my own.

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I’m going to hear you confess before you die.

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