Vikings re-watch | 1x01 | Rites of Passage

Some of my favorite LGBT films: 
Free Fall, Tomboy, Weekend, Concussion, Sex of the Angels, Heartbeats

LOST - Letting Go: Reflections of a six-year journey [x]

"For us, it was something that was completely monumental. It was about life changes and realising things about ourself. And falling in love in new people and  new friendships and new places.There’s something so beautiful that happened here that you can’t just leave it behind you. We’re taking something with us." - Evangeline Lilly

It was obvious that Théo meant to sodomise him […] Now, with Théo about to rape Matthew, a rape that already filled him with elation even as he knew its intention was to pain and degrade him, the had ceased to obey their own rules. […] With an agonised moan that could have been either of pleasure or pain, he captiulated unconditionally, assuming at last the role in which his whole life had cast him, that of the martyred angel, frail of physique and lamblike of character, to be caressed abd beaten, cradled and spat upon, inspiring i those who are drawn to him and whom he is drawn a desire to protect, and at the same time a compulsion to defile, the very innocence that seduced them in the first place

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