I’ve got a super awesome idea (imo) for a Lost/Orphan Black AU crossover. What to do, make a gifset or picspam.  

 said: get the lost numbers and then join me in NYC/London

I’d love to. I’m looking for schools for next January. My school program let me study abroad for 5 months! NYC is at the top of my list!

pick one fav episode from every season of lost

This is impossible…
1: Tabula Rasa
2: Abandoned
3: Not In Portland
4: The Constant
5: The Incident
6: The End

 twoquickdeaths said: DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE

I fucking died, Paul. I loved them so muuuuuuuuch. Why would they do this to us? (In my dreams the boy was Da Vinci). I’m about to start the last episode now.

  1.  seventeenthirty said: Hahah. Dine reaksjone æ så lik mine xD Elska at du endele ser på.
  2. ;D Tru e bli ferdig i dag. E på episode 7 nå! 

 815onthedashboard said: I’m planning on getting a lost tattoo, I just need someone to design it / make it look cool haha

Yeah. The reason I didn’t get one was that I didn’t have any good ideas for what to get. I was thinking about the numbers or the dharma logo or a plane broken in two, and different quotes. But I couldn’t make up my mind :p

Surprise hug! ♥ Once you get this send it to 8 people/blogs you can't live without and will follow forever (anonymously)! It's nice to spread some love! xx


could you release the psd you used on the game of thrones caps edit you posted?

Hi! :) unfortunately I didn’t save the psd’s. I used almost the same coloring for all the screencaps, with a few changes here and there, especially between the blue/yellow and light/dark screencaps. 

I tried to recreate it, it’s not exactly the same, but I hope this is okey:  

psd one [link]


psd two [link]

 fadinginlight said: Stunning new icon!

Awww :D They look amazing, I can’t wait to see them together on screen.

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