I’ve applied to two schools in Netherlands, one in Leiden and one in Eindhoven. I’m so excited! Hopefully I’ll get in and find someone to rent my room in Lillehammer while I’m there. 

  1. lindseyromain said: UM CAN I COME VISIT?????? It’s beautiful <3

You can come whenever you want Lindsey!!!! :D It’s about time we met in person. 

  1. lbradz said: It looks gorgeouss

Thank you so much, Lindsay!<3

Welcome to my new apartment! I’m so excited to finally upload some pictures. My favorite part is how big the windows are! We still got to buy pictures for the huge walls, everything is so expensive, if you got any tips, please send a pm. 

I moved in to my new apartment today. This is so exciting! 

"Somm" on netflix about wine sommeliers and the process of becoming a sommelier!

i’ll probably watch that while getting drunk xD it looks great tho! 

blackfish is amazing but it made me cry! “the imposter”— absolutely terrifying for a doc!

thanks for the recs, i’ve been thinking about watching blackfish for a while, but never really been in “the mood” for that ype of documentary. “the imposter” looks amazing, i’ll check that out asap:)

I’m on such a Documentary high lately. Currently watching Kumare (2011). Recommend me some!

I’ve got a super awesome idea (imo) for a Lost/Orphan Black AU crossover. What to do, make a gifset or picspam.  

 said: get the lost numbers and then join me in NYC/London

I’d love to. I’m looking for schools for next January. My school program let me study abroad for 5 months! NYC is at the top of my list!

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